Electric Bug Killer (TPL003)


Bug killer physical means to kill the mosquitoes and bugs, compared with a conventional chemical mosquito healthy way. The advantage is that effective health, non-toxic, non-chemical components.
Product Name: Insect Killer
Shell material: ABS
1. UV traps kill mosquitoes and kill them by electric shock, high mosquito/bug killing rate
2. Pure physical mosquito control, no pollution, no release of harmful substances;
3. Low power consumption and low power consumption
4. Can not only be used as a light, but also to kill mosquitoes
Rated voltage: 110~220V
Rated power: 6W, 12W, 20W

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  • [Specifications] Rated Power – Product Size: 16W – 349 x 86 x 272mm, Weight: 1-5kg
  • [Applicable] Protected area 20 ~ 150 square meters, suitable for bedroom, kitchen, living room, hotel, office, commercial restaurant, effectively help you get rid of annoying mosquitoes
  • 【Safety and Health】 Do not use any chemicals, non-toxic, tasteless, no radiation, safety and environmental protection
  • 【Efficient Mosquito Killer】 Use ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes and kill mosquitoes by electric shock, which helps you to get rid of annoying mosquitoes, robbers and houseflies. It is safe for humans and pets.
  • It is suitable for terraces, gardens, camping, fishing, etc. It can be more effective in places far away from human activities.